Safeguarding Policy

Huddersfield YMCA RUFC views the welfare of children and vulnerable adults as paramount

Everyone within the grounds of the club and those representing the club elsewhere are expected to adhere to and uphold the core values of the game.

Huddersfield YMCA RUFC will comply with all current and future Rugby Football Union policies on the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults.

The safeguarding policy and codes of conduct will be communicated to coaches, volunteers, players and spectators.

The policy considers all players under the age of 18 to be children. In accordance with RFU regulation 15, players aged 17 with written consent can play in the adult game. However, they are still viewed as a child under this policy.

The core principles of the safeguarding policy are:

  1. The welfare of the child or vulnerable adult is paramount and this must take precedent to other considerations
  2. All participants regardless of gender, race, sexuality, religion, culture, disability, size have protection from abuse or harm
  3. Everyone has the right to participate in sport within a safe and enjoyable environment
  4. Any suspicions or reports of abuse, poor practice, neglect or harm will be investigated and swiftly dealt with in an appropriate manner.
  5. All members, coaches, managers and volunteers of Huddersfield YMCA RUFC who have regular contact with children will be required to hold a current enhanced disclosure and barring service check
  6. Any events that take place involving children and vulnerable adults on site and whilst representing Huddersfield YMCA RUFC offsite must adhere to the safeguarding policy
  7. All social media feeds and websites belonging to Huddersfield YMCA RUFC will be monitored and maintained to ensure they do not directly or indirectly bring about any harm to children or vulnerable adults
  8. The facilities will be arranged and managed to ensure that children, vulnerable adults and women have access to safe and private changing rooms

Huddersfield YMCA RUFC will ensure that all its members, whether they are coaches, parents, players or officials will comply with the Best Practice Guidance as issued by the RFU. In summary, the following are NOT acceptable and will be treated seriously by the club and may result in disciplinary action being taken by the club, the CB or the RFU:

  • Working alone with a child
  • Consuming alcohol whilst responsible for children
  • Providing alcohol to children or allowing its supply
  • Smoking in the presence of children
  • Humiliating children
  • Inappropriate or unnecessary physical contact with a child
  • Participating in, or allowing, contact or physical games with children
  • Having an intimate or sexual relationship with any child developed as a result of being in a ‘position of trust’
  • Making sexually explicit comments or sharing sexually explicit material

Huddersfield YMCA RUFC will ensure that all volunteers and coaches will receive appropriate support and training for their role

Our Chief Safeguarding Officer is Richard Garrety
Phone: 07885494700

If not available please contact: Jess Bunyard, (Women and Girls Director of Rugby, Rugby Development Officer and Junior Safeguarding Officer)
Phone: 07972675252