12 Gavin Stead

Nationalitygbr United Kingdom
Born (age)1990

Bio: Gavin Stead it’s fair to say has had a very big impact during his time at Huddersfield YMCA RUFC. Having been birthed into his rugby union career Stead had a very impactful start during his youth and being named in the Yorkshire u20’s squad. He then moved away from the YMCA to play for our close rivals Bradford and Bingley for a short spell before returning back to the YMCA. Stead has also had previous spells during the rugby league season starting for Siddal and making his way to 5 finals with them. Stead has now established himself as a repeated top point scorer year in year out for the YMCA.

Nickname: Steedio

Hometown: Huddersfield

Favourite Food: Lasagne

Favourite Drink: Birra Morreti

Favourite TV Show: Power

Celebrity Crush: Margo Robbie

Favourite YM Player: Stuart Dyke

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