9 Joah Bradley

Nationalitygbr United Kingdom
Born (age)1992

Bio: Joah Bradley although being dubbed the baby face of the team has proven himself time and time again to be a very crucial player in moments of need. The dependable scrum-half came to the YMCA in 2016 bringing with him a wealth of experience after having successful playing spells at local rivals Huddersfield RUFC & Old Brodlieans. During the summer breaks Bradley can often be found playing Cricket but is most effective when playing his natural rugby scrum-half role.

Nickname: Baby Face

Hometown: Huddersfield

Favourite Food: Burgers & Chips

Favourite Drink: Gin & Tonic

Favourite TV Show: How I Met Your Mother

Celebrity Crush: Jennifer Aniston

Favourite YM Player: Stuart Dyke

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North 1 East

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